URAC approves new DSM standards

Friday, May 31, 2002

WASHINGTON - The American Accrediation HealthCare Commission (URAC) has approved its new disease management standards.

The standards, developed by an advisory committee made up of representatives of healthcare organizations, healthcare providers, purchasers, and other experts, are designed to promote best practices in care management strategy for individuals with chronic diseases. URAC is a non-profit organization that accredits the utilization management programs of managed care companies

URAC's Disease Management Standards emphasize evidence-based practice, collaborative relationships with providers, and consumer education and shared-decision making. Specific standards address key areas of accountability such as:

- The scope and interventions offered by the disease management program;

- The types of performance measures and methods for measurement used by the disease management program;

- Rights and responsibilities of participants;

- Population management; and

- Disease management program design.

The new standards are available to accredit the full spectrum of organizations providing disease management. These organizations include stand- alone disease management organizations, disease management programs offered by integrated medical management organizations, and programs offered by health plans. HME