Newsletters 'make a statement' with referral sources

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

SUNRISE, Fla. - HME consultant Louis Feuer "hates" to compare his new marketing/educational newsletters to "pens, pads and mugs." They're just so much more, he said.

"This is information," said Feuer, president of Dynamic Seminars & Consulting. "It's an interesting marketing piece and different than anything else that is out there."

For years, Feuer sporadically created custom newsletters for HMEs and other healthcare clients, but the custom products, while great marketing literature, cost from $500 to $1,500 a month--too expensive for most providers.

Now, by partnering with Prime Education, which offers medical education products and services, Feuer can provide an HME or other healthcare provider with 12-monthly newsletters for $649 a year.

A team of four nurses, two medical researchers and a doctor produce the newsletters, which include easy-to-read healthcare information. The newsletters target healthcare professionals, patients and physicians. Topics cover general healthcare and topics related to HME.

"We try to write about issues and topics that people will actually read about," Feuer said. "And they are not written by average people like me."

Topics for healthcare professionals include: "Helping and Treating Insomnia" and "Keys to Lessen the Likelihood of Infection During Home Infusion Therapy." Topics for patients include: "Skin Care for Patients with Incontinence"; "Recreational Activities for People with Disabilities"; and "2010 Medicare Update: Understanding Your Coverage."

Advance Healthcare in Fort Wayne, Ind., recently began using the newsletters as a marketing tool.

"We feel that if we can be consultants and educators, that brings more value to our referral sources," said Amy Fisher, sales manager. "It makes a statement. It lets them know that Advanced is not only in it for your durable medical equipment, but that we are really patient focused and referral-source focused."

The newsletters are customized with a provider's logo. Nearly 40 newsletters are available and more are being created all the time, Feuer said.

Each month, customers go online and pick the newsletter they want from any of the three categories. They receive a digital version, which they can e-mail to their target audience or print out and deliver in person.

Examples of the newsletters can be seen at