Majority of consumers are comfortable with digital health, ResMed survey finds

Thursday, October 24, 2019

SAN DIEGO – Fifty six percent of 3,000 Americans sampled say they currently monitor their health with at least one digital data collection tool, according to a new survey from ResMed and Edelman Intelligence.

Other results from the survey: 60% say they attempt to diagnose themselves using the Internet, more than half say technology has improved their relationship with their primary care provider; and 68% say they want technology to play a larger role in sharing real-time medical information with their physician.

“These survey findings highlight the need to keep educating the public on the benefits of remote monitoring and other digital tools, as well as the viability of out-of-hospital care, as technology allows patients and physicians to more efficiently collaborate on improving health outcomes as a team,” said Carlos Nunez, ResMed’s chief medical officer.

ResMed has more than 10 million cloud-connected sleep apnea and respiratory care devices in patient homes.