Letter to Congress

Wednesday, July 31, 2002

The federal government brought into existence a relationship of fiscal, fiduciary and moral responsibility to the American people of the homecare industry when, in 1965, it enacted title XVIII of the Social Security Act called Medicare. When the two Medicare competitive bidding demonstration projects in Texas and Florida were orchestrated, the only major criteria was cost reduction. When state and federal building programs are undertaken, many studies are required including environmental impact studies, yet there was no consideration given to the impact on the small businesses that relied on Medicare dollars as a major component of their revenue. The loss of these funds has in fact driven several companies in these test sites out of business. As Medicare wishes to extrapolate these savings nationwide, so must they assess the negative impact on the small business community and extrapolate that in a like fashion.

Alan S. Cross, MHA, RRT
C & C Homecare, Inc.