Deeper dive on deal

Brightree’s Mellott says SnapWorx brings ‘incremental capabilities’
Friday, February 21, 2020

ATLANTA – Brightree’s acquisition of SnapWorx ups the company’s CPAP resupply game, allowing it to better serve providers of varying sizes, says CEO Matt Mellott.

Here’s what Mellott had to say about SnapWorx’s “intelligent technology” and why providers should be increasingly looking to apply that technology to the resupply process.

On the Snap difference

“They’ve focused on call center workflow optimization, things different than what Brightree has been focused on in the past, as well as the document retrieval process that’s based on complex rule tables that drive automation. Those capabilities are incremental to what Brightree offers. Bringing these capabilities together really allows us to offer a robust portfolio that covers the smallest to largest providers.”

On ‘intelligent technology’

“What that means is, their system has complex rule sets and those rules are what facilitate a lot of the automation. There are rules around physicians and how they want to be engaged on documentation; there are rules around patients and what time of day they want to be contacted. It really optimizes the engagement process.”

On the Holy Grail of automation

“There are a variety of resupply solutions that can be used, but what we’re focusing on at Brightree is using technology to solve common resupply issues and using analytics to find out where to place a patient. Should it be automated calling or live call? We want patients to be placed in the most cost effective solution for the provider, but when a different method of engagement is needed, we want to be able to catch it and move them into another solution. You shouldn’t have to always think about it.”

On integration

“We're going to leave (SnapWorx) a standalone business. They have an active new customer pipeline, and we want to determine what’s the right combination of solutions for each customer. As we look at some larger customers, it may make sense to move parts of their resupply program from Brightree ReSupply to Snap, and vice versa.”

On inorganic growth

“We have an extensive roadmap to work on our system, but when you see someone come in that’s focused on resupply and that has these technology capabilities, it’s going to happen sooner (to buy them) than to put it on our roadmap and it being one year out.”