A 'Craigslist' for medical equipment

Sunday, February 27, 2011

EDMONDS, Wash. - After Evelyn Grazini's in-laws passed away, she found herself with a lot of used HME.

"I gave a lot of it away, but thought it would be nice if there was one place, like a Craigslist for medical equipment, where people could buy and sell this stuff," said Grazini.

Unable to find any such source, Grazini in January launched www.medical-equipment-forward.com. People with personal HME to sell can register for a username and password, and then follow a simple process to post ads and upload pictures.

Grazini says there is a need for low-cost equipment.

"A lot of old people don't have secondary insurance," she said, "and Medicare won't (for example) pay for a wheelchair for a person with a broken leg."

The site allows users to search for equipment by state; there is no fee for listing items. Instead, Grazini envisions more of a "pay it forward" concept.

"You can list something and give it to the closest person who needs it," she said.

Grazini is currently in the process of building up the information portion of the site.

"I am adding information, helpful things that I really needed (when caring for my in-laws)," she said.