AAH pursues own e-CMN agenda

Thursday, February 28, 2002

ALEXANDRIA, Va. - While various companies with a stake in e-CMNs launch efforts to begin mainstreaming a technology they say is ready to go, AAH and its e-CMN steering committee continue to formulate a software strategy.

The committee had planned to release a white paper by the end of last year, detailing the computer architecture it wanted to see in an e-CMN product that would integrate with existing HME systems. Due to committee member time constraints, the paper was not produced.

But the committee planned to rebound with another meeting at the AAH Leadership Conference in Tuscon Feb. 20-22.

George Suda, a member of the steering committee and executive v. p. of information services at Apria, is expected to unveil an example of architecture that might serve as a foundation for the AAH project.

Once the architecture is agreed upon, the group could issue an RFP for the creation of a common Windows interface or companies could design their own using the common architecture. Ultimately, AAH would serve as gatekeeper and toll collector to the process. HME