Competitive Bid Bonds 101 – What Providers Need to Know to Prepare for the Bid Window

With the bid window for the DMEPOS Round 2021 Competitive Bidding Program opening right around the corner on July 16, 2019, now is the time for providers to get prepared.

Get Ready for Mandatory Prior Auth of Support Surfaces

Now’s the time to develop and deploy an authorization process that improves patient outcomes and provides value to referral sources. Beginning in July 2019, Medicare will incorporate five HCPCS for Group Two support surfaces into its mandatory prior authorization program.

Competitive Bid 2021—It’s Go Time

CMS’s March press release makes it clear: The next round of competitive bidding is back on the launch pad and ready for take-off. Time to roll up your sleeves.

The bid process: Is it truly simplified?

Ventilators: They’re in, but will they stay in?

Summit Talks presents The competition: The anti-Amazon approach to beating Amazon

So many healthcare businesses are obsessed with the “Amazon effect.” And with good reason: the giant e-tailer has made a number of moves in the healthcare space, including teaming up with JP Morgan Chase and Berkshire Hathaway on a yet-to-be disclosed initiative, securing approval as a wholesale

Summit Talks presents M&A: The market outlook

The keepers of “The Braff Group M&A Insider” in HME News will provide a detailed view of the market, not only for HME but also for ancillary markets and health care at large.

Summit Talks: 12th annual HME News/VGM Group Financial Benchmarking Survey

Due to the cancellation of this year’s HME News Business Summit, we are sharing and analyzing the results of this year’s HME News/VGM Group Financial Benchmarking Survey in this first-of-its-kind webcast. 

New HME Webcast - Documentation Dos and Don’ts: Balance your business and compliance decisions

Best-practice approach to the documentation process in HME

Documentation has always been at the forefront of every HME provider working with third-party payers. Explore how automation, follow-up and constant monitoring of the documentation process can help expedite and secure payment.