Outsourced vs. In-house Revenue Cycle Management Services

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Everything you need to know to make the best decision for your long-term financial success


Most providers today are dealing with intense financial pressure driven by rising risk-based reimbursements, constantly changing labor-intensive regulatory and reporting requirements, and an ever-increasing need for analytics to drive performance.  Collecting every dollar—really, every penny—has become necessary to remain profitable. 


With all of these changes, you may be exploring outsourcing your revenue cycle management (RCM) function. Doing so could help improve financial outcomes and operational inefficiencies while mitigating compliance risk in an era of increased regulatory complexities and reduced reimbursement for healthcare services.


This webcast will cover the myths and truths of outsourcing revenue cycle management (billing) services and provide insights that can help you decide if outsourcing would be a good fit for your organization.


What You’ll Learn:

·      What a best-practices billing model should look like

·      Key metrics that could indicate areas of in-house concern and outsourcing opportunity

·      How to overcome “compliance fear” when working with an outsourcer

·      Benefits of performing a cost-benefit analysis


Shaw Rietkerk

Executive Vice President and General Manager, Revenue Cycle Management Brightree


Sunil Krishnan

Vice President, Operations & Analytics



Rick Rector


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