A Look Ahead: Reimbursement & Legal Headliners & Guidance for 2016

Future uncertain? Move forward with expert advice on critical DME topics

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2016 finds many HME suppliers uncertain about the future. Don’t let this uncertainty prevent you from moving forward. The first quarter is a critical time for planning your next steps for the year ahead. Experts Andrea Stark and Jeffrey Baird are here to help you tackle the reimbursement and legal headliners that should be on your radar. This annual “Look Ahead” webcast provides suppliers with expert advice on some hot DME topics. This webcast will cover the following topics:


  • The impact of national pricing – let’s talk numbers
  • A look at the audit landscape for 2016, including national RAC program improvements, contract extensions and what the SMRC is up to
  • New contract awards for the DME MACs—who is in, who is out and what it all means
  • Talking through the 2019 Medicaid cuts outlined in the recently passed omnibus bill


  • Pending actions regarding new ventilator coding and reimbursement changes
  • Acquisition considerations for suppliers looking to absorb or acquire locations (accreditation, surety bonds, licensing, PTANs, etc.)
  • Round 2 re-compete provisions for individual product contracts as assets in the marketplace
  • Provider collaboration models to keep patients healthy (and DME suppliers out of trouble)

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Andrea Stark, DME consultant, MiraVista

Jeff Baird, chairman, Health Care Group, Brown & Fortunato


Liz Beaulieu, editor, HME News

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