Change is Afoot: Is Your Ventilator Program Up to Speed?

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HME suppliers who rent ventilators are intimately aware of the recent HCPCS changes and reimbursement reductions that CMS deployed for this product category on Jan. 1, 2016. In the wake of these changes, the MACs have been quite vocal about audit activity and claim discrepancies causing high error rates, but suppliers have really struggled to meet vague expectations.

There have been positive developments, however, that position vents on the cusp of real change.

Suppliers who are anxious for guidance and who intend to continue with this product line should not miss this event. Andrea Stark, industry respected reimbursement expert, will walk you through the most significant initiatives expected to shape ventilator coverage in the coming months and what this means for your business.

Topics covered will include:

  • What to expect from the formal Ventilator NCD reconsideration request pending with CMS

-                    How the process works

-                    What is being reconsidered

-                    When we can expect to see something official

  • A discussion of the pending legal and regulatory initiatives—will they modify the current trajectory?
  • What we can expect from audit activity—Will the MACs officially halt ventilator audits?

Andrea Stark, DME consultant, MiraVista


Liz Beaulieu, editor, HME News

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