And Then There Were Two – The DME MAC Migration of 2016

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CMS has shuffled the DME MAC deck and two previously contracted agencies are out. It’s winners take all for Noridian and Cigna Government Services (CGS), which each walked away with contracts to service two jurisdictions. Noridian will now serve as the DME MAC for Jurisdictions D and A, while CGS has been contracted to serve as the DME MAC for Jurisdictions C and B.

Both the Jurisdiction B and A contracts are expected to shift by this summer, and the DME MACs are actively working behind the scenes for a smooth transition. CGS will be handling approximately 59% of the national DME workload once the transition is complete, with 20% of the workload coming from Jurisdiction B. Noridian will account for the remaining 41% of the national DME workload with just under 20% attributable to Jurisdiction A.

What will this look like for suppliers?

  • Will audit activity remain the same?
  • Should we expect a delay in payments at the time of transition?
  • Will there be changes in claim submission protocols?
  • Where do suppliers turn in the event of hiccups?  

One of the more significant disruptions relates to portal access. The portals offered by Jurisdiction A and B will be discontinued. Providers will have to separately enroll in the Jurisdiction C and Jurisdiction D portals to ensure uninterrupted access to claims and eligibility.

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Andrea Stark, DME consultant, MiraVista


Liz Beaulieu, editor, HME News

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