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'Keep growing as long as the good lord will let us'


Healthcare Equipment & Supply Co. is on a roll. Late last year, the HME provider opened not one, but two retail showrooms: a 3,000-square-foot showroom in Farmington and an 800-square-foot showroom in Austin Pharmacy Plaza in Potosi.

Briefs: HME industry ad pops up in Politico


AAHomecare in November ran full page ads blasting competitive bidding in Politico, a widely read Capitol Hill newspaper. The ads featured the full text of the recent letter from 167 economists criticizing the program.

Briefs: Medical Service Co. expands, shakes up management team


Medical Service Company opened a new branch here in November, expanding its service area to most of Ohio and parts of West Virginia.

OK to contact beneficiaries? 'It's as clear as mud'


HOUSTON – An HME provider who was going above and beyond to meet Medicare’s rules on when it’s OK and not OK to contact beneficiaries plans to change his ways.

A provider's story of redemption


LEBANON, Ore. – Believe it or not, Anne Turner’s multiple sclerosis (MS) diagnosis turned her life around.

Telehealth gives providers 'cutting edge'


Telehealth is not a new concept, but it has yet to become a big part of the healthcare system. Still, some brave HME providers are boldly going where others fear to tread.

'Let me show you the future'

Social media: 'You can't avoid it'


TROY, Mich. - While most HME providers have barely dipped their toes into Twitter and other social media (most can't find the time or money, said one industry watcher), Americare Medical has gone whole hog.

Wright & Filippis drives down costs


ROCHESTER, Mich. – Wright & Filippis has a cab ride in Las Vegas to thank for a new initiative that will not only save the provider money but also make it more “green.”

Provident launches $25M healthcare fund


BOSTON - As far as Provident Healthcare Ventures is concerned, there's plenty of blue skies over certain sectors of the home health services market.