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Scooter Store execs dodge criminal charges


NEW BRAUNFELS, Texas – The Justice Department will not bring criminal charges against former executives of the now defunct The Scooter Store, according to the San Antonio Express-News.

CMS breaks silence on prior auths


WASHINGTON – CMS announced last week that two Group 3 power wheelchair codes—K0856 and K0861—will be considered for prior authorization.

Joint conference rallies around access


ARLINGTON, Va. – Programming a conference for three separate organizations sounds like a challenge, but that’s not the case for the upcoming RESNA/NCART 2016 Conference, organizers say.

How to build consensus from the very beginning

Avoid issues by getting everyone on the same page from the get-go

YARMOUTH, Maine – It takes a team to provide complex rehab, but when family members and clinicians can’t agree on a course of action, it’s up to providers to take the lead, says Weesie Walker, executive director of NRRTS.

Getting an education


As the new director of clinical application for The ROHO Institute for Education, Liz Cole wears many hats, including developing educational materials and providing clinical support to the company’s various departments.

An American OT in Thailand


OAKLAND, Calif. – When Holly Micheff, a pediatric OT at California Children’s Services, traveled to Thailand to distribute wheelchairs, she couldn’t help but notice the stark differences in health care between Thailand and the U.S.

New ATP test offers chance to set new bar


ARLINGTON, Va. – Starting in July, those taking RESNA’s ATP exam will have one less subject to study for and the opportunity to help determine the passing score.

Bid rates divide mobility providers


YARMOUTH, Maine – Some mobility providers are telling CMS to take its contracts for the Round 2 re-compete and take a hike, while others are determined to make it work.

Q&A: Safety first

Navigation assistance could improve mobility for cognitively impaired wheelchair users

Alex Mihailidis has a solution for wheelchair users who lack the physical strength to use manual wheelchairs, and the judgment to operate power wheelchairs.

Accomable makes travel accessible


LONDON – Airbnb has some competition, at least when it comes to serving customers who have accessibility needs.