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No big changes to ATP planned, new manager says


ARLINGTON, Va. - Eric Nepomuceno may be just weeks into his new job as RESNA's certification and education manager, but he's sure of one thing already--the Assistive Technology Professional (ATP) credential is fine just the way it is.

NRRTS backpedals on new standards


WALSENBURG, Colo. - NRRTS released new standards for its Certified Rehabilitation Technology Supplier (CRTS) credential in early February, but after a backlash from registrants, it's holding off from implementing them. 

Prior authorizations will ease pressure, CMS says


WASHINGTON - CMS answered a few key questions about the PMD demonstration project during a Special Open Door Forum last week. Among the most important: Will the required prior authorizations help protect providers against post-payment reviews?

Lower error rates by involving patients, clinicians


YARMOUTH, Maine - With the DME MACs issuing reports of 80% to 90% error rates for power wheelchairs every quarter, it's clear some providers are having trouble with documentation.

New course offers comprehensive look at rehab


PITTSBURGH - An online course will offer everything a new rehab clinician needs to hit the ground running, said Mark Schmeler, lead course developer.

PMD demo: There's still work to do


WASHINGTON - The mobility industry scored a major win earlier this month when CMS dropped the prepay review phase of a PMD demonstration project that it now plans to start on or after June 1.

Study calls for increased research for complex rehab


MINNEAPOLIS - A lack of research relating to complex rehab could put funding in danger, according to a report from the Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality (AHRQ).

Setbacks at The Scooter Store


NEW BRAUNFELS, Texas - Between changing up his management team and taking legal action against some of his former employees, The Scooter Store President Doug Harrison had his hands full in early 2012.

ATG continues growth, Rocky Mountain shifts focus


ROCKY HILL, Conn. - It appears ATG Rehab has found its groove, acquiring the complex rehab segment of Rocky Mountain Medical Equipment, but leaving the rest of the company behind.

It's the third time in the past year that ATG has made such a buy. 

Medicaid, Summit attendees network, share strategies


ST. LOUIS, Mo. - Medicaid issues that come up in one state often pop up in other states. That's why NCART recently offered complex rehab providers from around the country a chance to get together to discuss their Medicaid challenges.