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CMS stands firm on accessories

‘It was a surprise,’ says Don Clayback

CMS has responded to a letter from Congress asking the agency to reverse its decision to apply competitive bid pricing to accessories for complex rehab wheelchairs. The short answer is: “No.”

Fight for access ‘rolls on’ at conference


WASHINGTON – Mobility advocates met with 200 congressional offices to discuss complex rehab, Medicaid and other issues during United Spinal’s fourth-annual Roll on Capitol Hill.

New mobility code, but same fee schedule?


WASHINGTON – While mobility stakeholders support CMS’s preliminary decision to establish a new code for center mount power elevating foot platforms with articulation, they are less enthused about the proposed reimbursement. 

Will the PMD demo expire?


WASHINGTON – A demo project requiring prior authorizations for power mobility devices has been hailed a success by all those involved, yet it’s due to expire Aug. 31.

Post-acute care could pay off

New payment systems offer new opportunities, says Kelsey Mellard of PACCR

ARLINGTON, Va. – Providers need to educate themselves on different post-acute care payment models if they want to get a piece of the pie, says Kelsey Mellard.

Leaders discuss challenges


A panel of six complex rehab providers and manufacturers in April led a discussion on the challenges associated with balancing innovation with reimbursement and the importance of consumer-driven advocacy during the National CRT Conference in Arlington, Va. 

Medicaid cuts threaten access to complex rehab in Illinois

National provider suspends service, as it did in California

SPRINGFIELD, Ill. – Illinois’ decision to cut Medicaid reimbursement across the board by 16.75% is forcing complex rehab providers to reevaluate whether they can continue to provide products and services there.

Numotion fast tracks ALS patients


R0CKY HILL, Conn. – Few things happen quickly in the HME industry, but Numotion’s ALS Fast Track Program is the exception to the rule.

Top Mobility blazes dealership model


HUDSON, Fla. – Top Mobility moved into a new 12,000-square-foot location recently and plans to open its first dealership in Austin, Texas, in the next month or so. 

No shirt, no shoes, no Medicare


DORAL, Fla. – In the last six months, mobility provider Angel Pardo has visited Curacao, Grand Cayman and St. Barts. Not for pleasure—for business.