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Complex rehab: Greater investment, greater reward


Despite its reputation for being a market filled with tough reimbursement protocols, advanced clinical client demands and highly technical equipment, the complex rehab market is being explored as a business option by a growing number of HME providers, manufactu

Vendors make more room for bariatrics


For the HME industry, sales potential in bariatrics is as strong and durable as the products in the category. In fact, manufacturers report that their bariatric business continues to grow in tandem with the nation’s waistlines.

Key in O&P: Take cash, be clinical


Orthotics and prosthetics, as well as other related specialty products, represent a significant opportunity for HME retail sales, manufacturers contend.

Mobility market puts premium on cash, style


In just a few short years, mobility has begun transforming itself from a largely reimbursement-dependent product category into a market that is predominantly retail. 

Take 'people first' approach to bath safety


Perhaps no HME category has a bigger demographic advantage than bath safety. While most of the markets skew older, bath safety is seen as a desirable product group by a wider age bracket—from baby boomers to geriatrics.

Cost, quality duke it out in diabetes market


To say diabetes is a hardscrabble market is to make a major understatement about the current state of business affairs.

Home accessibility opens doors for providers


Although it’s a natural fit for the HME industry, home accessibility is a market that providers have largely avoided in the past.

Pediatrics: Smaller market, but decent revenue


Finding business channels that do not involve Medicare has become a primary mission for many HME providers looking to bolster revenues.

Bidding redirects wheelchair market


As it has with several other HME categories, it appears that competitive bidding is causing mobility providers to re-think and re-engineer wheelchair sales. For bid winners, wheelchair provision is, for all intents and purposes, a nonprofit venture.

What about IPF?


Home oxygen therapy providers are well versed in the care of patients with COPD and obstructive sleep apnea. Some providers even specialize in cystic fibrosis.