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Bidding climate drives POC growth


Portable oxygen concentrators have been a part of the respiratory category for several years now and, after a slow start, they are finally picking up steam, manufacturers say.  

Sleep therapy



Home sleep therapy market starts to grow up


At some point a young, growing business market will reach maturity—it is inevitable. Whether this is the case with home sleep therapy remains to be seen, but signs are pointing in that direction.

New billing software goes beyond the ordinary


When it comes to improving the functionality of HME companies, look no further than billing software systems.

Incontinence supplies: More than a commodity


There's a lot more to the incontinence category than meets the eye. While adult briefs and undergarments carry the image of being a bulk-load commodity that is purchased and distributed on huge pallets, manufacturers say the products have become more sophisticated and individually tailored for specific types of customers.

Bariatrics shows no signs of slowing down


Obesity has been a health problem in the United States for quite some time and statistics show that it's only getting worse. That has created a growing need for a bariatric-sized medical equipment market--a category that has been gaining weight in the HME industry for a number of years.
Jean Sayre, director of clinical education for Bozeman, Mont.-based The Comfort Company, says obesity, while prevalent, is still not getting the attention it should by the public.

Sidebar: Orthotics and prosthetics, soft goods


* Coming on strong: Fueled by an aging baby boomer population, high obesity rates, rising diabetes cases, and returning war veterans, market analysts believe the O&P and soft goods business have strong retail sales potential. While reimbursable items are declining, the need for these products continues to be high and astute merchants can position themselves as a complete "go-to" source for O&P patients.