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Customer financing: Meet expectations

Q. How can I offer a better financial experience for my customers?

A. Today’s consumers bring high expectations to health and wellness purchases.

Customer financing: Make it easy to pay

Q. How can I empower customers to get the equipment and supplies they want and need?

A. Medical equipment and supplies can be expensive purchases and customers may face high out-of-pocket costs depending upon their insurance coverage.

Customer financing: Choose your partner wisely

Q. How do I determine if I need a customer financing partner?

A. Perhaps recent customer payment experiences left you saying, “There has to be a better way.” Maybe you’ve been having challenges in your business with customers not being able to get the equipment they want or need due to cost or lack of payment options.

Customer financing: Offer options as advantage

Q. There are so many HME providers. How can I stand out?

A. In a crowded market like medical equipment, it can be hard to stand out. As customers are faced with more choices, identifying and understanding the target audience for your products is important.

CareCredit pays off for Pride


EXETER, Pa. – Pride Mobility Products has seen an increase in provider retail sales thanks to CareCredit.