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Oxygen Management: Weigh costs of delivery model

Q. What is the best strategy in converting my oxygen therapy fleet into a non-delivery model?

A. With the recent cuts in reimbursement, home care providers are looking to get every penny out of every transaction.

Oxygen management: Keep an eye on telehealth

Q. How will telehealth impact my business in 2018 and beyond?

A. Telehealth solutions were the talk of Medtrade and one of the major features highlighted by oxygen therapy manufacturers.

Oxygen management: Partner with manufacturers

Q. What steps can I take to expand my marketing opportunities and increase retail sales of my oxygen therapy products?

A. The first step is to take a look at your current marketing plan for your oxygen therapy products. Ask yourself where are you spending your ad dollars? What is your return on investment?

Oxygen management: Match equipment with needs

Q. What business decisions can I make to reduce after hours patient O2 setups?

A. If you are plagued with calls after hours, and deliveries of oxygen therapy equipment outside of regularly scheduled deliveries, you know the impact of these expenses to your bottom line.