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NCART shows and tells for lawmakers


WASHINGTON – NCART is holding a “CRT briefing and Product Expo” on Capitol Hill April 21 to educate lawmakers about complex rehab and get their support for current legislation.

Q&A: Safety first

Navigation assistance could improve mobility for cognitively impaired wheelchair users

Alex Mihailidis has a solution for wheelchair users who lack the physical strength to use manual wheelchairs, and the judgment to operate power wheelchairs.

Complex rehab cuts reach deep


YARMOUTH, Maine – Complex rehab stakeholders worry that shrinking Medicare reimbursement will have an impact on more than just the bottom lines of providers.

Rehab stakeholders succeed with last-minute bill

Still need more permanent fix and greater coverage for accessories

WASHINGTON – Rehab stakeholders applaud the recent passing of a bill that delays CMS’s plans to apply competitive bid pricing to accessories for complex power wheelcha

NCART urges action on accessories


The new fee schedule amounts released by CMS this week for non-bid areas include major reductions for accessories for complex rehab wheelchairs, according to NCART.

Complex rehab stakeholders petition the president


WASHINGTON – Industry stakeholders have launched a petition asking the White House to stop CMS from applying competitive bid pricing to complex rehab wheelchair accessories.

RESNA seeks feedback on job analysis, education


ARLINGTON, Va. – RESNA is conducting a job analysis of work performed by assistive technology in schools. The goal is to identify core job responsibilities of ATPs in schools.

The ADA's legacy

'More work needs to be done,' says Clayback

In honor of National CRT Awareness Week and the 25th anniversary of the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), NCART released a video in August highlighting the importance of complex rehab wheelchairs and technology.

Video commemorates ADA


EAST AMHERST, N.Y. – NCART has released a seven-minute video honoring National CRT Awareness Week and commemorating the 25th anniversary of the ADA.

‘We’re all in this together’


ARLINGTON, Va. – Complex rehab stakeholders need not worry that their issues will get lost in the shuffle when NCART, NRRTS and RESNA combine their conferences next year, organizers say.