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Aimee Swope

Do you have the door wide open to write-offs?


“We’re going to have to write this off.” A phrase that no manager wants to say or hear in their business.

Think about deliveries like your customer


With all the moving parts required to run a successful HME/DME business, their ultimate goal should be providing an exceptional customer experience and high-quality service during every encounter, by ensuring that the customer’s wellbeing and satisfaction are top priority

Mobile Solutions: Don't fix what isn't broken

Q. Okay, I see the business benefits…but does it positively affect my patients?

A. We can all agree that operational success may keep an organization running, but it’s the quality of customer care that keeps it in business. However, the two are not always mutually exclusive.

Mobile Solutions: Keep patient files at your fingertips

Q. How does mobile help with compliance and auditing?

A. Maintaining compliance is key to running a successful HME company. Regulations continually change not only for accreditation and equipment criteria, but also for maintaining your insurance contracts.

Mobile Solutions: Avoid a tower of documents

Q. How can mobile delivery management improve the speed of my billing process?

A. What does your billing process look like? Backed up? Time consuming to your delivery technicians? A daunting tower of documents for your billing department to quickly and accurately process? Complaints from your billers about work/life balance?

Mobile Solutions: Fix what isn’t broken

Q. We’ve always used paper. What will a mobile solution do that paper can’t?

A. In an industry with ever-changing regulations, HME/DME organizations need a way to stay relevant and operate their businesses effectively. Traditional methods and processes this industry was built on may be tried and true, but they aren’t always efficient.