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mail order diabetes supplies

Industry girds for battle on diabetes supplies


BALTIMORE – The message that industry stakeholders plan to send CMS at today’s public hearing: Think long and hard about the potential impacts of reducing reimbursement for retail diabetes supplies.

Bid program reduces waste, but little else


BALTIMORE – Diabetes stakeholders and CMS officials don’t see eye to eye on much, but they do agree there’s a lot of waste in the mail-order supply market. 

Down the drain: $11,906 worth of insulin

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

This will break the hearts of pharmacists, HME providers and patients everywhere. The National Community Pharmacists Association put together a little something called Waste Not, Want Not.

Kathleen Jaeger: Pharmacists 'stand ready to help'


With issues like competitive bidding, diabetes mail order and reimbursement cuts posing threats to community pharmacists, it's a challenging time to take on the job of executive vice president and CEO of the National Community Pharmacists Association (NCPA). But Kathleen Jaeger, who did just that in November, saw only a "wonderful opportunity." Jaeger, a pharmacist and lawyer by training, spoke with HME News recently about the future she sees for independent pharmacists.