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Compliant patient, efficient provider


In a move they believe will make patients more compliant and HME providers more efficient, two of the largest manufacturers of CPAP devices have rolled out mobile and web-based sleep therapy tools.

Philips Respironics goes mobile with OSA treatment


MURRYSVILLE, Pa. – Philips Respironics has launched a new mobile self-management system for obstructive sleep apnea (OSA) patients, according to a press release.

Philips pledges to test 1 million for OSA


AMSTERDAM, Netherlands – As part of World Sleep Day 2013, Royal Philips Electronics has pledged to screen one million people worldwide for obstructive sleep apnea (OSA) over the next five years, according to a press release.

Philips Respironics updates resupply solution


MURRYSVILLE, Pa. – Philips Respironics has made significant updates to medSage, a solution that helps providers manage the process of resupplying CPAP patients with masks and other supplies, according to a press release.

Study: Most with OSA don’t know they have it


MURRYSVILLE, Pa. – A study by Philips Respironics has found that 78% of those who reported symptoms of sleep apnea were entirely unaware that they were suffering from the disorder.

Philips Respironics offers customized commercial


MURRYSVILLE, Pa. – HME providers can now customize a new TV commercial for the SimplyGo, a portable oxygen concentrator from Philips Respironics, by adding their company’s name, logo, phone number and website.

Providers react: 'We’re not going to help them'


MURRYSVILLE, Pa. – Philips Respironics may have every right to sell replacement supplies for CPAP devices through Kroger retail pharmacies, but that doesn’t mean HME providers have to like it one bit.

Philips Respironics tests mass market waters


MURRYSVILLE, Pa. – Philips Respironics and Kroger are pleased with the initial results of a 30-day pilot project that involved displaying and selling replacement supplies for CPAP devices in some of the grocery store chain’s retail pharmacies.

Philipps Respironics launches online tool


MURRYSVILLE, Pa. – Philips Respironics now provides its HME provider customers with a one-stop-shop for sales and marketing, educational, and training materials through a new website.