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In brief: AAH says to keep using WOPDs; CareCentrix provides additional details on change


WASHINGTON – AAHomecare recommends that providers continue to obtain written orders prior to delivery for HME until CMS publishes a “required list.”

CareCentrix provides additional details on change


HARTFORD – CareCentrix requests that providers temporarily pause PAP equipment/supplies to patients with out-of-pocket balances more than 180 days old, until it sets up payment arrangements with those patients.

In brief: SMRC warns of audit risk, AAH monitors CareCentrix


ATLANTA – The SMRC is holding ordering practitioners accountable and acknowledging that provider payments for DMEPOS are reliant on their documentation, the van Halem Group reports.

AAHomecare monitoring CareCentrix policy change


WASHINGTON – CareCentrix is withholding payments to providers on PAP and PAP supply patients with co-pay balances more than 180 days old, AAHomecare reports. The new policy will take effect in March.

Human resources: Embrace generational differences


Q. How can I accommodate multiple generations in the workplace?

Human resources: Be mindful about holidays

Laizer Kornwasser

Q. Should we celebrate holidays at work?

A. During December, a common greeting heard by many employees in the United States is,“Happy Holidays.” There are millions of Americans who don’t celebrate a holiday in December, either due to not having a religious affiliation, or because their religious holiday(s) is/are observed during a different time of the year.

Human Resources: Lead by example

Q. How can I encourage feedback in our organization?

A. It’s easy to imagine the experience of a doctor’s office visit: after waiting 30 minutes to be called into an exam room, another 30 minutes pass while waiting for the doctor to finally arrive and perform their exam.

Human Resources: Obsess over customers

Q. Why does company culture matter?

A. The culture you create and the employees you hire will determine if you will be Kodak or Amazon.

CareCentrix addresses concerns during meeting


WASHINGTON – CareCentrix has begun a system-wide analysis to determine areas where it can improve its processes, and started working with insurance plans to improve the reconsideration process and timeliness of responses, AAHomecare reports.

Employers invest in workplace culture, benefits


When it comes to attracting and retaining employees, companies are creating a place people want to work, rather than simply collect a paycheck, they say.