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data breach

Inogen reports data security incident


GOLETA, Calif. – An Inogen employee’s email account was accessed by unknown persons outside the company without authorization, it announced in an April 13 Form 8-K filing with the Securities and Exchange Commission.

Airway Oxygen hit by ransomware attack


WYOMING, Mich. – Airway Oxygen has experienced a ransomware attack affecting 500,000 individuals, according to the breach portal of the Office for Civil Rights of the Department of Health and Human Services.

Cyber Security: Build a good defense

Q. Am I at risk for a data breach?

A. The best defense is a good offense is a common saying in the Marine Corps and should be in cyber security. Most small businesses think they are too small to be attacked but, in the enemy’s eyes, you are a soft target.

Safeguard patient data


LAS VEGAS – The most valuable property an HME provider has today is not physical inventory, but patient data.

Anthem today, HME providers tomorrow?


Just how much does a provider stand to lose from a hacker’s breach of protected health information (PHI)? Consider a recent theft in Richardson, Texas, where 5,000 individuals had their PHI stolen.

Are you covered?

‘General liability and property insurance don’t necessarily cover a breach’

WASHINGTON – The recent data breach at Anthem should have HME providers assessing the security of their own data, especially patient health records, industry stakeholders say.