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Audit round up: RACs cut checks, UPICs run roughshod


YARMOUTH, Maine – Nearly two years after Performant Recovery announced it would perform an underpayment review for Group 3 power wheelchair options, providers are receiving refund checks, says Andrea Stark.

RAC to perform rare underpayment review


ATLANTA – Performant Recovery, the DMEPOS RAC, will perform an underpayment review for Group 3 power wheelchair options. The Patient Access and Medicare Protection Act mandates that adjustments to the 2016 Medicare fee schedule amounts for certain DME based on information from the competitive bidding program cannot be applied to wheelchair accessories, including seating systems, and seat and back cushions furnished in connection with codes K0848—K0864. The change was effective Jan. 1, 2016 but CMS was unable to implement changes to its processing systems until July 1 2016. Payments during that time were based on adjusted fee schedule amounts. “DME suppliers rarely experience RAC underpayments, so this is a welcome change,” said Wayne van Halem, president of The van Halem Group, a division of the VGM Group. “Many folks don’t know this, but the RACs are funded to find underpayments, in addition to overpayments and in this environment, every little bit helps.”

New RAC starts ‘slow and steady’


LIVERMORE, Calif. – Performant Recovery was officially up and running as of March 8, but the new national RAC for HME is taking its time ramping up its activities.

Providers prep for return of RAC

New contract, however, means several improvements to process

LIVERMORE, Calif. – Providers should strap in: After a protracted lull, RAC audits will likely pick back up in January, now that CMS has tapped Performant Recovery, based here, to perform post-payment reviews for DME and home health/hospice claims nationwide.

In brief: CMS names nat’l RAC for DME, whistleblower drops lawsuit against Lincare


WASHINGTON – CMS has tapped Performant Recovery to perform post-payment reviews of Medicare claims for DMEPOS and home health/hospice nationwide.

New DME RAC program on hold


WASHINGTON – Performant Recovery has filed a Government Accountability Office (GAO) bid protest against CMS.