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Marketing: Connect with customers

Q. Where is time best spent on social media?

A. Social media created the opportunity for virtual relationships and increased touch points directly with a potential customer base. The customer and how they’re serviced is leading that digital revolution.

Marketing: Set standard, stick to it

Q. How can I make videos—it seems out of reach for a company of my size?

A. Video marketing is within reach for any company, regardless of size. Most companies in the HME space are not making videos, therefore, you would likely be a pioneer in your field.

ARI receives investment


MILWAUKEE – ARI Network Services, a provider of software and marketing solutions to dealers in various markets, including HME, has received a strategic growth investment from TA Associates, a Boston-based global growth private equity firm.

Marketing: Make investments that move the needle

Q. How can I be sure that the money I’m investing is not only building my brand awareness, but also stimulating sales?

A. Marketing’s function is to create brand awareness, educate customers, and direct them to point-of-sale locations or sales representatives. Sales result from well-executed marketing, repeat sales result from excellent experiences.

Marketing: Create engaging platform

Q. How do I create the most engaging content for social media?

A. Social media has become one of the most engaging entertainment platforms, second only to TV. The average person spends two hours on social media daily and wants to consume media.

Groups re-energize their marketing efforts


WATERLOO, Iowa – A group of HME industry advocates convened at VGM’s headquarters in November for a workshop to share best practices for digital marketing and social media consumer-focused campaigns.

Growing resupply biz starts with sound marketing


WATERLOO, Iowa – For CPAP providers, the keys to marketing your resupply business are leveraging the right data, attracting the right referrals and doing right by your patients, says Seth Dixon.

NSM gets moving with rebrand


NASHVILLE, Tenn. – National Seating & Mobility has unveiled a new brand identity designed to reflect the national provider’s legacy, mission and future.

Health Complex: Where patients are ‘All Taken Care Of’


WATERBURY, Conn. – Health Complex Medical has launched a new brand to showcase its expanded solutions for sleep therapy, the company announced Aug. 1.

MED gets tactical about marketing


LUBBOCK, Texas, and ATLANTA – The MED Group has teamed up with Laboratory Tactical Consulting to present the 2016 Marketing Bootcamp Webinar Series. “It’s time to get back to basics and take your marketing from ‘good’ to ‘better,’” MED stated in a press release.