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AAH’s Ryan: ‘We are so close’

Industry stakeholders hit the Hill with letter to appeal for bid relief

WASHINGTON – The timing of AAHomecare’s Washington Legislative Conference couldn’t have been better, Tom Ryan told attendees on Wednesday, the day before their Capitol Hill meetings.

Bid relief ‘in the mix’


WASHINGTON – Amid the chaos in Washington, D.C., industry stakeholders have been crisscrossing the Hill to ensure relief from Medicare’s competitive bidding program doesn’t get lost in the shuffle.

Trump, man of mystery

Stakeholders latch on to president-elect’s stances on small government

WASHINGTON – Industry stakeholders are looking ahead at what a Trump presidency could mean for HME.

Final push for rural bid relief


When the HME industry last year began to take in the full potential effects of the looming application of bidding-derived pricing for rural and other non-bid areas, providers and industry stakeholders alike were alarmed at potential cuts of 50% or more for many

Industry gets assurance that bid relief is forthcoming


WASHINGTON – HME stakeholders have House Speaker Paul Ryan’s word that Congress will take up legislation that would retroactively delay a recent reimbursement cut in non-competitive bidding areas in a lame-duck session after the elections.

Vents: Stakeholders disagree on way forward


WASHINGTON – Despite widespread agreement that the ventilator product category needs major improvements, the HME industry is divided on how that should be done.

Stakeholders detail ‘alarming’ situation in rural areas

Seek bill with non-HME pay-for to pass before Sept. 30

WASHINGTON – After a tough week in which CMS trumpeted its competitive bidding program for HME as having no impact on access, all the while creating significant savings, AAHomecare hit back.

Industry readies to jump back in


WASHINGTON – When lawmakers return to work Sept. 6, industry stakeholders plan to bombard them with concrete examples of how Medicare reimbursement cuts are negatively impacting HME providers and beneficiaries.

AAH’s Tom Ryan: ‘We’re not there yet’


WASHINGTON – The HME industry may be up against its toughest challenge yet in its bid to slow down the spread of competitive bidding.

Industry appeals for ‘common sense’


WASHINGTON – With precious few Congressional days left to stave off an upcoming second round of Medicare reimbursement cuts, the sense of urgency at the AAHomecare Washington Legislative Conference on Wednesday was palpable.