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SWO alleviates confusion for PMDs


WASHINGTON – Providers of power mobility devices have perhaps the most to gain from a new standard written order that went into effect Jan. 1, stakeholders say.

We follow Medicare guidelines, they say


Many Medicare Beneficiaries are being enticed by celebrities on TV to select a Medicare Advantage (MA) plan over Original Medicare Fee for Service (FSS) with all the standard benefits of Medicare at a lower out of pocket cost.

Q&A: VGM’s Buhrmester & Fedor

‘There can be a lot of gray areas, so you need all the information you can get’

WATERLOO, Iowa – Just when HME providers think they have control over documentation and billing, Medicare throws them a curve ball.

What's the real story about fraud?

Stakeholders respond to Post story, 'A Medicare scam that just kept rolling'

WASHINGTON – A recent story in the Washington Post highlighting power wheelchair fraud is simply rehashing old news at the cost of highlighting current problems, industry stakeholders say.