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face-to-face rule

CMS loosens requirements for respiratory equipment

Some fear, however, that new guidance is not explicit

WASHINGTON – CMS in an interim final rule published March 30 appeared to significantly expand access to respiratory therapy by temporarily waiving the coverage criteria and face-to-face requirements during the coronavirus pandemic.

DME MAC issues face-to-face clarification


WASHINGTON - The face-to-face requirement only applies to written orders for Medicare payment, according to a bulletin from AAHomecare.

Face-to-face rule: Be the solution, not the problem

Q. How can I help referral sources with documentation?


DME MACs update face-to-face guidelines


WASHINGTON – The DME MACs on May 29 revised a bulletin on the face-to-face requirement to add information clarifying who may perform the in-person visit and the responsibilities of the ordering

Face-to-face rule: Step into doc's shoes

Q. What does the face-to-face rule mean for doctors?

A. DME companies need the face-to-face paperwork required by Medicare, and physicians, for whatever reason, have trouble providing it. The push and pull over accurate and complete paperwork documenting medical necessity has always created an issue. 

Face-to-face rule: Give physicians data points

Q. Do clinical templates have a place with the new F2F rule?

A. Yes. The right electronic template provides a dynamic, time-efficient and cost effective solution to succeed at the highest level with the face-to-face (F2F) rule in effect since July 1, 2013. 

Face-to-face rule: Learn ins and outs

Q. What operational protocols should I implement to comply with the F2F rule?

A. Your organization is unique and the specific operational protocols established by your organization should be unique also.

Face-to-face rule inches closer


BALTIMORE – CMS plans to start the new year by enforcing part of its face-to-face rule on Jan 1.

DME MAC clarifies face-to-face requirement


BALTIMORE – The delay in enforcing the requirement for face-to-face exams does not apply to the requirement for written orders prior to delivery, CGS clarified in a recent bulletin.

Stakeholders rally to change face-to-face requirement


WASHINGTON – The delay in the enforcement of the face-to-face rule buys time for HME industry stakeholders to seek changes.