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In brief: NSM makes big play in Michigan, Health Complex rebrands


NASHVILLE, Tenn. – National Seating & Mobility has acquired the mobility division of Wright & Filippis, positioning the company as the leading provider of complex rehab solutions in Michigan, it says.

Automation: Gain greater visibility

Q: How can managers use automation to improve performance?

A. Workflow automation is a way to gain greater visibility and control, and it will help you set best practices. Beyond the basics of standardizing and streamlining operations, it improves your ability to manage on a daily basis.

Automation: Go to the front lines

Q. What are the quickest ways to see ROI on automation?

A. The quickest way is to go to the front lines of where the work is being done. This is where you’ll find large volumes of documentation that need to be completed, authorized, and passed on to the next person to work.

Automation: Understand tools at hand

Q. What are the main tools that enable automation?

A. Automation can deliver the biggest impact on your bottom line through document management and business process management (BPM). Document management goes well beyond being paperless.

Automation: Prevent efficiency leakage

Q. Why is automation important to providers?

A. Automation is a powerful tool that helps reduce costs. What’s exciting about automation is that it saves time and therefore money—a few minutes at a time throughout the day, resulting in a bank of saved time that can be redirected to high value activities. 

Optimize productivity


LAS VEGAS – Cutting costs and eliminative service are two ways HME providers are trying to cope with the new business environment, but that will only get them so far.

Lifeway Mobility taps Medforce Technologies


SUFFERN, N.Y. – Lifeway Mobility has selected Medforce Technologies’ cloud-based CommandCenter business process management platform and ContentCenter document management system to run its operations.

Medforce comes out swinging


YARMOUTH, Maine – Increased competition driven by a consolidating HME industry has made it more and more important for Medforce Technologies to clearly communicate its offerings, company officials say.

Medforce provides power for productivity


SUFFANY, N.Y. – Medforce Technologies has revealed a new brand identity—logo, tag line, product names and website. “Frankly, we’ve been so focused on investing in our technology, our brand and marketing had been neglected,” said Esther Apter, Medforce’s founder and CEO.

Look for 'agility' in billing systems


Because billing is the lifeblood of the HME business, having an automated system that enables prompt claims payment and supports other key financial functions is of paramount importance.