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In brief: Stakeholders launch bid website, Simply Home sues HHS


WASHINGTON – A group of HME industry stakeholders has officially launched, a website for providers to learn about the changes in Round 2021 of competitive bidding and to prepare their bids.

Simply Home sues HHS over overpayments


CHICAGO – Simply Home Health Care, a home health agency based here, has filed a lawsuit in the U.S.

In brief: OIG tells CMS to collect more overpayments, VGM announces Woman of the Year finalists


WASHINGTON – The MACs collected only 20% of Medicare overpayments referred by ZPICs and PSCs in 2014, says a new report from the Office of Inspector General.

Overpayments: Create culture of compliance

Q. What is the best remedy for overpayment problems?

A. In previous columns, I discussed how the 60-day overpayment rule presents a myriad of problems and questions that are sometimes difficult for an HME supplier to identify and address.

CGS changes offset request process


NASHVILLE, Tenn. – CGS Administrators, the Jurisdiction B MAC, will no longer accept offset requests at the time of claim re-openings and adjustments, it said in a July 25 bulletin. Starting Aug.

Overpayments: Follow protocol

Q. How do I return an overpayment to the government?

A. Typically, suppliers report and return overpayments to the DME MAC of jurisdiction. Each DME MAC has a standard overpayment refund form. The supplier simply provides information and submits a refund check.

Overpayments: Extrapolate overpayments

Q. How deeply do I need to investigate potential problems?

A. My last column explained CMS’s final rule clarifying the 60-day rule, which allows a supplier up to six months to quantify an overpayment once it’s identified.

Overpayments: Exercise reasonable diligence

Q. What do I need to know about the 60-day rule?

A. The Affordable Care Act requires a person who has received an overpayment to report and return the overpayment to the government.  

GAO pokes holes in CMS’s MA audit program


WASHINGTON – The Government Accountability Office isn’t pleased with CMS’s progress in recovering substantial amounts of improper payments from Medicare Advantage organizations.

Providers must report overpayments going back six years


WASHINGTON – CMS has revised the look-back period for overpayments from 10 to six years, according to a final rule issued Feb. 11.