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ICD-10 lurks in shadows


WASHINGTON – It may not be the documentation change grabbing headlines, but the transition to ICD-10, scheduled for Oct. 1, will still muck up the process for HME, industry consultants say.

ICD-10: Don't wait for ICD-11

Q. Could we skip ICD-10 and go directly to ICD-11?

A. Passing over ICD-10 for ICD-11 will effectively result in keeping the current diagnostic coding system for at least the next seven to 10 years. ICD-11 has not been ratified by any government or world health organization. In fact, when ICD-10 was mandated by the U.S.

ICD-10: Prepare to avoid disruption

Q. What training will my billing department need for ICD-10?

A. Since ICD-10 codes will have an expanded character set, the change from ICD-9 will be a disrupter. With a higher level of detail, diagnosis codes will become more clinical in nature, and while HCPCS codes will not change, diagnosis connections will.

ICD-10: Take the guesswork out of code changes

Q. What intake processes will be affected with ICD-10 implementation?

A. Intake will become the critical link for claims accuracy. The risk of keying ICD codes incorrectly during intake will most likely increase with this changeover unless personnel have tools to improve efficiency and precision.