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New contract suppliers, new licensure issues?


WASHINGTON – It’s still early, but industry stakeholders are already hearing reports of licensure issues in the Round 1 re-compete.

PFQC spotlights South Carolina

Beneficiary told to travel 150 miles for power wheelchair

CHARLESTON, S.C. – It’s a scenario that’s likely playing out in competitive bidding areas (CBAs) across the country: Medicare beneficiaries that can’t get the equipment they need.

Report from Round 1 battle zone

Shirley, 70, was advised that in the case of a power outage, she should pack up her tank and check into a hotel

Each Round 1 bidding area is different. Each senior expects a different quality of care based on his or her history, and each caregiver has a different understanding about how the reimbursement system works. The competitive bidding issue is complicated.

Legislative update: Hot seat, PR machine and caught on camera


WASHINGTON – It looks like Medicare fraudsters have moved on from home medical equipment.

Don't know what to say about market pricing?

People For Quality Care provides Cliff's Notes

As we reach the one-year anniversary of pushing H.R. 1041 to eliminate competitive bidding, we now need all of our allies to include the market-pricing program (MPP) in their conversations to Congress.