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Bid fix earns place in ‘doc fix’


WASHINGTON – The HME industry scored a small victory last week when an amendment to fix a problem with Medicare’s competitive bidding program was included in a markup of the “doc fix” bill passed by the Senate Finance Committee on Dec. 12.

CMS briefs lawmakers on bid program

There are ‘big signs’ of problems, stakeholders say

WASHINGTON – CMS told lawmakers during a briefing on Nov. 18 that they’re investigating reports that some contract suppliers are not servicing their entire bid areas.

Bidding update: Capacity, licensure


BALTIMORE – The financial capacities that contract suppliers submitted as part of their bids don’t hold much weight, based on new guidance from the Competitive Bidding Implementation Contractor (CBIC).

New contract suppliers, new licensure issues?


WASHINGTON – It’s still early, but industry stakeholders are already hearing reports of licensure issues in the Round 1 re-compete.

Industry to analyze list of contract suppliers


WASHINGTON – Now that they have both the single payment amounts and the names of the contract suppliers for the Round 1 re-compete in hand, HME industry stakeholders are wasting no time analyzing the information.

AAH formalizes Manufacturers Work Group


WASHINGTON –AAHomecare has formalized its Manufacturers Work Group, the association stated in a recent bulletin.

Stakeholders rally to change face-to-face requirement


WASHINGTON – The delay in the enforcement of the face-to-face rule buys time for HME industry stakeholders to seek changes.

Bidding: AAH abandons lawsuit, lawmakers apply pressure


WASHINGTON – AAHomecare has dropped its bid to stop competitive bidding in the courts.

Clock ticks on re-compete, investigation kicks off


WASHINGTON – Now that fall has officially begun, the HME industry’s collective eye has once again turned to the timeline for the Round 1 re-compete.