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Merits Health Products

Pioneer PT (S149)
- Parallel tiller allows for continuous headlight illumination at all angles; Medicare code K0806.
- Separate rear shroud allows for easier installation or removal of batteries.
- Loop tiller and dashboard designed for both right- and left-hand users.


Invacare Orion Scooter
- Group 2 HD (K0807) with 400-pound weight capacity.
- Luxury scooter, with deluxe high-back seat and full lighting package.
- Full suspension and powerful motor for a smooth ride up to 6.2 mph.

Shoprider Mobility Products

- 350-pound weight capacity.
- Full front and rear suspension.
- Stylish canopy enclosure provides comfortable, all season transportation.

Pride Mobility Products

Victory 9 and 10 Scooters
- One-hand Feather-touch disassembly provides the ultimate quick transport system.
- Delta tiller with wraparound handles.
- Stylish, lightweight, low profile, non-scuffing wheels.


AL010 Micro Scooter Lift
- Fits virtually all 3- and 4-Wheel Micro Scooters weighing 135 pounds or less.
- Works with Class I, Class II and Class III hitches.
- No scooter modifications required.

Vantage Mobility International

Elite G2
- Interior mounted design protects chairs and scooters from the elements.
- “No drilling” installation saves your interior and maintains the integrity of your vehicle.
- Drive-on/drive-off platform provides accessibility.


Suitcase Signature Series Ramp
- No-pinch, non-protruding, continuous, full-length, low profile hinge adds strength and stability.
- Self-adjusting bottom transition plates for greater flexibility at various angles.
- Ergonomically designed handles are flexible, strong and comfortable. Won’t break or interfere with steps.

Prairie View Industries

PVI Multifold Ramp
- Listed by Underwriters Laboratories and includes a safety guide to indicate if ramp is on a safe slope.
- Durable welded construction with anti-slip high-traction surface.
- Separates into two pieces and folds to carry like a suitcase.

Pride Mobility Products

Full Platform Exterior Lift
- Increased lifting capacity up to 380 pounds with a class IV receiver.
- Manual overdrive and drive-on/drive-off platform.
- Standard adjustable wheelchocks.

Exoform Dorsal Night Splint

The Exoform Dorsal Night Splint prevents pressure rubbing on the metatarsals, alleviating a problem that is common with night splints. It adjusts to modify the angle of dorsi-flexion and stretch to the plantar fascia. The Exoform features a support shell that maintains the angle of the foot and lower leg at 85 degrees to 90 degrees. Flex Edge over-molding eliminates pressure points and discomfort and calf and heel strapping maintain the foot at the desired angle to eliminate rotation.