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S041 Wound Pump
The S041 Wound Pump supports quick mobilization of the patient, fewer dressing changes, and a cost effective means to treating wounds. At a push of a button the vacuum adjusts quickly and precisely to set levels. The S041 Wound Pump offers almost noiseless operation and an intermittent mode that allows settings up to five minutes on or off. The Atmos S041 Wound Pump features a patient safety lock and an acoustic/visual alarm to eliminate patient safety concerns.

Harmar Mobility

Pinnacle Premium Stairway Lift
Harmar Mobility’s Pinnacle Premium Stairway Lift offers a helical drive system with a modular gear rack. The drive system features a standard 16-foot track length, with lengths available up to 70 feet. When folded, the lift measures 11 inches wide. The Pinnacle Premium Stair Lift is also easily changeable from the left to the right side, without having to access the internals of the unit.

Bell-Horn Orthopedics

Premium Plus
Bell-Horn Orthopedic’s Premium Plus spinal brace is included in its OrthoArmorMST line of modular spinal therapy braces. The Premium Plus system features panels and an easy to operate, one touch closing system. An affordable lumbar sacral orthosis, Premium Plus is available in a variety of sizes (small to 5X) and it fits 25- to 68-inch waists.

DeVilbiss Healthcare

SmartLink Therapy Management System
DeVilbiss Healthcare’s SmartLink Therapy Management System provides a means to remotely monitor patient CPAP use and evaluate the effectiveness of CPAP therapy. The SmartLink system includes a SmartLink module, data card, desktop software and a data card reader. After attaching the SmartLink module to the back of any IntelliPAP Standard or IntelliPAP AutoAdjust, the module automatically logs various parameters of patient usage data. The data is then deciphered via easy-to-use SmartLink desktop software.

Diagnostic Devices

Prodigy AutoCode Meter
Diagnostic Devices’ Prodigy AutoCode Meter features one button for easy navigation and audible test results in English and Spanish. It also has a standard USB port which uses any standard USB cable to connect the meter to a PC for easy downloading of test results with the free Diabetes Management Software. Prodigy test strips are more than 98% accurate.


Non-Slip Jar and Bottle Openers
Dycem’s Non-Slip Jar and Bottle Openers provide a cushioned grip helping people who have suffered a stroke or those who have the use of one hand or arm. The dome shaped, non-slip openers are ideal for people with a weak grip, decreased sensation in their hands or upper extremity weakness. The openers are latex-free, non-toxic, colorfast and odorless and easy to clean with detergent or disinfectant and water. POP dispensers are available.


NatraCure Cold Therapy Bootie

Golden Technologies

Golden Compass HD
Golden Technologies’ Golden Compass HD offers a 450-pound weight capacity; a 20-by-20 inch Captain’s seat standard; NF22 batteries; and a Dynamic Shark 75 amp peak fully programmable controller. It travels at a maximum speed of 4 mph, has a 12-mile range and a 20-inch turning radius. Available in four standard snap-on shroud colors. The links system frame design allows the chair to have all six wheels on the ground simultaneously for a stable ride and maneuverability.

Home Care by Moen

Premium Shower Chair
The Premium Shower Chair has a reinforced mesh seat that is comfortable and easy-to-clean. Adjustable height settings and rubber grip support handles add ease and support and the ergonomically designed back offers support and comfort. The chair has anti-slip rubber feet for stability and comes with a basket organizer and handheld shower holder to keep necessary items comfortably close. Weight capacity 400 pounds.

Responsive Respiratory

“Spike” the Dog Pediatric Nebulizer Mask
Designed with a comforting toy-like appearance, Responsive Respiratory’s “Spike” the Dog Pediatric Nebulizer Mask helps to reduce anxiety during medication dispensation and encourages the child to relax and breathe deeply for a more effective treatment. Constructed of latex-fee plastic for an allergy-free, comfortable fit, the “Spike” the Dog VixOne Nebulizer kit includes a medication bowl with volume markings and aerosol mask with universal 7-foot tubing for use with all nebulizers in the market today.