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Aetrex Worldwide

Ambulator Stretcher
The Ambulator Stretcher was designed by a team of pedorthists and podiatrists to provide comfort and protection for the diabetic, arthritic, or injured foot. The latest addition, the T1230, features high toe boxes, seamless spandex uppers, and a modern lace-up design. They are constructed with light-weight, machine-washable materials.

J. E. Allton

No Touch Trash Can
The lid of the No Touch Trash Can open itself as a hand approaches. It incorporates infrared sensing technology and is powered by solar cells and included rechargeable batteries that will last up to a year without change. Its durable thick stainless steel body and high impact plastic lid provides years of service. Several sizes are available.

Masada Health & Beauty

Masada DiabEase is a foot and body care line with a natural, patent-pending complex of dead sea minerals, antiseptic tea tree and hydrating urea to help keep diabetic skin moisturized and protected. Included are bath salts, hydrating skin therapy cream, callus therapy cream, skin calming cream, foot cream, foot scrub and foot salts. The "original" Masada bath and foot care line and PsoriaLeve Cream helps stimulate circulation, eases skin irritations and helps relieve stress.

Mueller Sports Medicine

One-Size Wrist Stabilizer
Mueller introduces its One-Size Wrist Stabilizer for carpal tunnel and other wrist problems. The stabilizer is for extended night and day use. Its soft and breathable fabrics hold the wrist with comfort while rigid upper and lower splints provide firm support. The product is one size and fits left or right wrists. It features new easy-on, easy off closures and a pillow attachment for those who sleep with their hand/wrist near their head.

NutraMax Products

Seal-On Nasal Sponges
Designed specifically to stop nosebleeds, Seal-On Nasal Sponges are impregnated with m.doc to stop bleeding fast. They expand on contact with blood to form a soft, comfortable sponge that fits the shape of the nasal cavity.

Regal Lager

Dekor is a solution for safe and odor-free disposal of personal hygiene and incontinence products, or any kind of waste. Triple seals prevent odors and germs from escaping, and the scented, continuous liner refills are easy and economical to use.

The Saunders Group

Sully AC
The Sully AC is the latest innovation in acromioclavicular joint protection. The AC joint protector features a breathable, hook-sensitive neoprene vest that grips the skin to allow precise placement of the donut-shaped foam pad. The hard-shelled foam pad helps protect the AC join from further inquiry. Doak OStergard, ATC - Division 1A head football trainer, designed the Sully AC.

SenTech Medical

The Repose
The Repose from SenTech Medical Systems is a cost effective and therapeutically advanced pressure reduction overlay. The Repose comes packaged inside a pump that is used to inflate the mattress and assures that the correct pressure is achieved, first time every time. The mattress surface is comprised of two layers with "multi-directional stretch ability" and vapor permeability to provide comfort and therapeutic results.


Thermoskin's Plantar FXT
Thermoskin's Plantar FXT relieves pain associated with plantar fasciitis. The Plantar FXT stretches the plantar fascia area of the foot and alleviates symptoms of plantar fasciitis. The Plantar FXT is lightweight and can be worn at night or while seated during the day.


Eco-Click eliminates the itch and inflammation caused by mosquito bites in just a few clicks. It works through short electrical impulses, of a predetermined high voltage and low amperage. The ecological Eco-Click is safe for the human body and doesn't release chemical substances.