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GF Health Products

RJ4301R, Lumex Walkabout Junior Four-Wheel Rollator
- Light, durable epoxy-coated aluminum frame with adjustable handle height.
- Weighs 11.5 pounds; folds easily into compact unit for transport.
- 300-pound weight capacity; limited lifetime warranty.

SleepSafe Beds

Sleepsafe (low), SleepSafe II (medium) and SleepSafer (high)
- Safety beds with safety rail protection from 1 inch to 36 inches above mattress.
- Three foundation choices, offering electric head/foot and mattress height adjustment in twin or full sizes.
- Meets/exceeds FDA guidelines.

Snug Seat

Manatee Tub Slider
- Provides safe transfers into and out of the bath tub.
- Very small footprint allows use in small, cramped bathrooms.
- Bath chair can be removed and used separately from tub slider.


TiLite ZRA
- 1.25-inch aerospace grade titanium “mono-tube” frame for durability and performance.
- Available standard in seat widths and depths from 10-20 inches.
- Adjustable seat depth.

Columbia Medical

Therapedic Positioning Restraint System
- For use in the safe transport of individuals with physical disabilities.
- Available in two sizes to accommodate users weighing 20 to 130 pounds and up to 5 feet 6 inches tall.
- Options include: adjustable head and lateral positioning pads, extensor thrust wedge and swing-away abductor.


- Early intervention wheelchair; seat depths range from 5-10 inches.
- 5-30 degrees of adjustable tilt.
- 90-160 degrees of adjustable recline.

Quantum Rehab

Tru-Balance Lift & Tilt
Quantum Rehab’s Tru-Balance Lift & Tilt is designed to offer maximum versatility by providing 10 inches of elevation and 50 degrees of tilt for better access to out-of-reach items. Tru-Balance is available with power recline, power front riggings and Tru-Comfort seating. It is available on Quantum Power Chairs, including the Q600 and the Q6000Z. Tru-Balance offers a weight capacity of 300 pounds.

Precision Medical

- Patented Controlled Minute Volume (CMV) technology delivers a true pulse wave form, trigger sensitivity and fast delivery time.  
- Delivers the entire bolus of oxygen in the first 1/3 of the inspiratory phase.
- Manufactured in the U.S.A.


Model 422
The Men’s Boat Shoe includes Orthofeet’s patent-pending Tie-Less systems, which eliminates the need for lacing up. It integrates laces with a hook and loop strap, offering an easy way of fastening and unfastening the shoe, while providing uniform tension along the entire instep. Soft leather with non-binding upper design offers a comfortable fit and eliminates pressure on bunions. Lightweight cushioning sole with Ergonomic-Stride design enhances stability and helps propel the body forward.


Model 517
Orthofeet’s Slip-On shoes offer the comfort of adjustable strap shoes. The shoes feature hook and loop straps that provide a wide opening for an easy on/off. Soft leather along with non-binding upper design and wide toe box offer a comfortable fit and eliminates pressure on toes and bunions. A lightweight cushioning sole with an Ergonomic-Stride design enhances stability and helps propel the body forward.