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Premier Bathrooms

E-Z Bather
- Makes getting in and out of the tub easy.
- Allows for fully reclined position.
- Easy to use inflation/deflation controls.

Perfect Bath Solutions

Safeway step
- Provides safe and easy access to your existing bathtub.
- Low cost and completed in just a few hours -- no tearout needed.
- Reduces the tubwall barrier and converts tub to shower area.


Transfer Benches

- All Carex transfer benches feature two suction cup legs for better grip on smooth surfaces.
- Adjustable seat height provides a safe and comfortable bathing.
- The convenient side rail provides support for easy transfer.


I-Fit Shower Chair
- Manufactured to resist the growth bacteria and mold.
- Deep contoured seats and ergonomic backrests provide maximum comfort.
- Tool-free assembly.

Cosco Ability Care Essentials

Premium shower seat

- Snap-in back and hand hold for fast assembly.
- Soap dish and shower-head holster in 13" x 20" seat.
- Available in 4 colors and height adjustable.


Dolphin Bath Chair

- Lightweight aluminum frame bath chair with positioning straps.
- Angle adjustable seat & back.
- Depth adjustable seat.


Inventory Management System (IMS)

Breg introduces Inventory Management System. The system is designed to offer a simple and efficient means to organize and manage DME supplies, optimizing stock levels, minimizing product shrinkage, creating a source for monitoring and tracking supplies' costs, as well as facilitating ordering/re-ordering of products. IMS also is a tool to confirm/verify that proper billing charges are entered as product is dispensed.

Diabco - HIPAA Billing Systems


EZScan is a medical document scan, storage and retrieval system. We make it compatible to your software systems. It makes digital copies of doctor's orders, patient intake sheets, CMNs and other medical related paper documents. The EZScan includes the automatic generation of EOB image documents by patient, thus eliminating the need to copy EOBs for coinsurance submittals or denial appeals. All images are cataloged and synchronized to the attached patient information database for electronic medical record keeping.


Pre-Admission Patient Intake Module

The Pre-Admission Intake Module for the Fastrack Enterprise System for Windows/SQL is an integrated HME, infusion and homecare agency system. It allows for the collection of patient information over the phone or in the field. Upon verification of the patient's eligibility, the system notifies the appropriate HME, infusion, and/or homecare agency that they have a new patient, eliminating the need to re-key data. This helps centralize the patient intake process and provides easy access for intake coordinators in the field.

MedSage Technologies

MedSage introduces the Patient Management System for management of medical compression stockings follow up. The system is the most recent addition to our base of business solutions for HME providers. Our systems, combining Web-based software and services, are revenue-generating solutions that help manage CPAP supply re-orders, medication refills, compression hosiery re-orders and rental equipment validation. MedSage systems deliver improved profitability and patient compliance, increased re-order rates and data to market to referral sources.