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FLA Orthopedics

V-LOC LSO Spinal Orthosis
The V-LOC LSO helps alleviate pain and increases rehabilitation by providing effective stabilization and unloading weight and pressure off of the spine. Rigid anterior and posterior panels stabilize the spine, restrict range of motion, and control pelvic tilt and rotation. The V-shaped anterior panel and patented strapping method provide abdominal compression and create "hydrostatic lift" to relieve the load and stress on the spine.

NutraMax Products

Sheer bandages
These sterile, adhesive bandages feature absorbent pads impregnated with m.doc(tm). They are designed to stop bleeding from cuts, scrapes and surface wounds fast. The pads of the bandages have a non-stick layer to ensure they do not stick to the wound, which helps to further reduce the risk of renewed bleeding if the bandage is bumped or pulled off.

Action Products

Xact Lite
Xact Lite introduces a new technology in lightweight cushions. Weighing in at 3.2 pounds, it offers the active user pressure reduction and anti-shearing properties. The one-quarter inch Akton polymer textured overlay on a contoured multi-layer foam base promotes therapeutic positioning and comfort.

Apothecary Products

Memory Pac Unit
Apothecary Products introduces the Memory Pac Unit dose system, a fast, easy and economical medication system. Memory Pac is a cold seal concept, which eliminates the need for secondary sealing equipment. It will reduce the risk of filling errors and is ideal for heat sensitive medications. Memory Pac is available in weekly, monthly, 62- and 90-day cards and has four sizes of blisters for single and multiple medications.


Hydro Dry Protectors
Wound dressings, casts, IV and PICC line sites and a variety of skin conditions require protection from water during healing. Proper care is essential to a quick and successful recovery. ArmRx Hydro Dry Protectors provide waterproof protection, and they can be applied in less than 30 seconds. They don't require tapes or elastic that can pull hair or stop blood flow. ArmRx Arm Protectors cost less than $2 and can be applied with only one hand.

Barefoot Science Group Marketing

Foot Strengthening System
Barefoot Science Foot Strengthening System stimulates, strengthens and restores. It's a patented, insole system that offers a rehabilitative alternative to conventional orthotics and cushioning insoles. Barefoot Science exercises your feet to restore optimal foot health and function, addressing the cause of most foot-related problems (i.e., feet, legs, and back). Barefoot Science is endorsed by leading medical experts.


Diabetes Test
The Betachek Diabetes Test is a simple three-step blood glucose test to screen for diabetes. The kit includes everything you need to perform a test in the comfort of your own home, with results in just 60 seconds. Betachek is sold in over 50 countries.

Be Well USA

MicroBeads are heated in a microwave to produce moist heat, which brings natural pain relief from muscular aches and pains. Moist heat therapy, unlike dry heat, does not dry out. There is no risk from bacterial infection, and it can absorb moisture from the air after treatment so it can be used again and again.

Brown Medical Industries

Stretch X
The Stretch X is a night splint in an attractive retail package. Stretch X is a low profile splint for customers with heel pain, especially pain associated with their first steps in the morning. Patient compliance is improved with Stretch X because it's soft, comfortable and easy to use. It features a criss-crossed strap design that can be easily adjusted and holds the foot in a dorsiflexed position.

Contour Products

Contour Twist Pillow
The Twist Pillow holds any position for comfort and support - - anywhere you go. It bends into any shape or position and stays put. Its soft polyfoam and articulating linkage deep inside easily forms and comfortably supports the user. It can be used for your neck, lower back and legs. The pillow's washable velour cover is easy to remove and clean.