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Drive Medical & Manufacturing

Phantom Scooter
The Phantom Scooter has a top speed of 4mph and a cruising range of up to 15 miles. Its three-wheel design allows for a 32.3-inch turning radius. Its three-piece, compact design makes it easy to assemble and disassemble. Other features include flat free tires, easy to remove wireless batteries, thumb to finger throttle and a height adjustable seat with flip back adjustable arms. It comes standard with anti-tippers, headlight and large carry basket.

Golden Technologies

Buzzaround Lite
The Golden Buzzaround Lite is a lighter, improved version of the Buzzaround. The Buzzaround Lite scooters come in a three-wheel model, GB-103, and a four-wheel model, GB-105. Features of the new scooters include high-gloss color-through plastic, reducing the noticeable scratches and dents that happen with use. Both models of the Buzzaround Lite will be available in arctic blue and vermillion red. The Buzzaround Lite features a lighter overall weight for easier transport, with the heaviest piece weighing 34 pounds.

CareFore Medical

Portable Power Source PPS-8H
The new CareFore Medical Portable Power Source will supply a CPAP machine with up to 12 hours of uninterrupted power. It recharges in less than 2 hours from a car's cigarette adapter. With available bag, our battery comes with everything needed.

Full Life Products

The Pilot rollator features an easy, compact folding design. The patient pulls up on a strap and the rollator folds up like an umbrella, creating a spacing-saving unit that can be easily stored in the back seat or trunk of a car. The wider, molded seat and backrest provide greater comfort and lumbar support, and a storage bag provides convenience.

Danmar Products

Toilet Seat with Reducer RinG -- Model 6850

- 1" thick vinylcoated foam changes a cold hard seat to a comfortable one.
- Easy to clean and light weight, great for traveling.
- Reducer ring assists individuals in better toileting. Available for both round and oval toilet seats.

VGM Technologies

GPS System

VGM Technologies' latest feature, a global positioning system, offers fleet management, saving money on fuel and increasing sales and efficiency. The GPS is an Internet-based system that allows providers to track their fleet location, miles driven, van maintenance and more. The unit is shipped directly to the store with a self-installation videotape. VGM Members will be able to purchase it at a discount and then pay a monthly fee.

Computer Applications Unlimited

Solution/One HME Remittance Analysis

Solution/One HME Remittance Analysis takes a snapshot of your business activity with every EOMB. Generate various denial- and payment-based reports whenever you want. Select a date range to display your company's denial trends and details. Shared electronically across your network, Remittance Analysis makes it easy for your team to pursue and resolve each denial at the customer level. Since Remittance Analysis works inside Solution/One HME, you never transmit data outside your system.


Pink Bra Collection
The Pink Bra Collection from Amoena features three, ultra feminine bra styles in a soft, pastel pink style 2242 underwire, style 2142 vertical seam soft cup and NEW style 2151 soft cup. The collection expands a full size range of 32AA through 46DDD.

FLA Orthopedics

HealWell Grip Splint WHFO
The HealWell Grip Splint WHFO (Wrist Hand Finger Orthosis) is useful in treating mild to moderate non-fixed contractures of the hand, wrist and fingers and provides therapeutic positioning of a paralyzed or injured hand or wrist. The Grip Splint maintains a neutral position of the hand to reduce wrist flexion and increase extension of the fingers, preventing finger flexion and damage to the palmar skin.