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Cramer Decker

CD1017 ML6/ M9 TankTote
The new ML6/ M9 TankTote makes ML6 or M9 cylinder deliveries safe and easy. Individual padded cylinder pockets securely hold 4 or 6 ML6 or M9 cylinders. An outside security strap cinches the pockets tight to ensure that the cylinders are secure for safe carrying. The pocket bottoms are PVC lined for extra durability. A four-point carry handle allows for easy transport and an optional shoulder strap is available. The bag incorporates heavy stitching and embroidery and can be private labeled upon request.


O2 First-In-Oxygen Kit
Designed to be used by first responders, the First-In-Oxygen Kit contains the equipment needed to care for a patient in respiratory distress or arrest. The caregiver can begin to treat the patient while waiting for the ambulance. Each kit comes with a 248-liter Luxfer aluminum cylinder with built-in on/off toggle valve, oxygen regulator, disposable bag mask resuscitator, nasal cannula, non-rebreather mask and padded carrying case.

Merits Health Products

Oxygen Concentrator (Q1502)
A solution for quiet, energy saving, portable continuous oxygen needs. Designed to be both reliable and cost effective, the unit is user friendly, clean and uncluttered. Built with a "Smart-Alert Intelligent Monitoring System," which provides visual and audio alerts to insure patient safety, the standard flowmeter can also be easily replaced with a pediatric flowmeter to meet the demands of low-flow patients.

Oxygen Generating Systems

Model CFP-15 Cylinder Filling Station
OGSI introduces the CFP-15 Oxygen Cylinder Filling Station. By generating medical grade oxygen onsite, you can eliminate the high cost of delivered oxygen and start realizing a fast pay back on this economically priced system. No need to spend time changing and returning heavy oxygen cylinders. Automatically refill oxygen cylinders for continuous availability. Your current hassles with cylinder transportation, safety, handling and reliability of oxygen will disappear when the OGSI CFP-15 is installed.

OxyTec Medical Corporation

OxyTec 900 Personal Ambulatory Oxygen System (PAOS)
OxyTec Medical Corp. announces the launch of its OxyTec 900 Personal Ambulatory Oxygen System (PAOS). Features include a touch-screen interface; light weight, broad flow range; and long duration of use. The OxyTec 900 was designed to meet the therapeutic needs of the active user and the financial needs of homecare providers. The OxyTec 900 recently received FDA 510(k) clearance.

Precision Medical

EasyMate Liquid Oxygen System

Precision Medical introduces the EasyMate Liquid Oxygen System. It uses a new patent-pending technology that provides a realistic use-time of up to 9 hours and controlled minute volume. It delivers the entire bolus of oxygen in the first third of the inspiratory phase. The pneumatic design uses a single-lumen cannula. The EasyMate is a safe unit and the rugged design makes the product durable while remaining lightweight.

Puritan Bennett

Helios Marathon
The new Helios Marathon portable oxygen unit from Puritan Bennett gives oxygen patients freedom: It lasts up to 20 hours between refills yet weighs only 5.6 pounds filled. Patients can enjoy a more active lifestyle without bulky, heavy equipment. The small, lightweight Marathon features multiple settings in both continuous flow and demand flow modes to meet a wide range of patient needs.


5200 Transfill
Servomex presents its 5200 Transfill for Oxygen USP and the 5200 Multi Purpose for Nitrogen NF. Representing the next generation of oxygen analysers for medical gas transfillers, these devices use the latest digital technology and paramagnetic sensors. The 5200 series boasts many new features, from clear backlit LCD display to high quality quick-connect gas fittings.