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Pari Respiratory

Pari Trek S and LC Sprint. 
- Lightweight and powerful.
- Features the Pari LC Sprint delivering treatments in 5 to 6 minutes.
- Optional rechargeable battery gives patients more freedom.


SleepNet MiniMe Pediatric Mask
- Pediatric respiratory and sleep therapy -  ages 2 to 12.
- SoftGel comfort with clear view adjustment for personalized, custom fit.
- Three sizes of headgear made with BreatheOPrene.

FLA Orthopedics

Supports for Me Pediatric Orthopedic Supports
- Full range of pediatric orthopedic supports and braces.
- Specifically designed for kids - pediatric and youth sizes.
- Products for the most common injuries: knee, ankle, elbow and wrist.


Invacare Spree 3G Pediatric
Tilt-in-Space Wheelchair
- Nearly 40 improvements from the Spree GT and many configurations.
- Easy growth, tilt and adjustment for parent or caregiver.
- Compact sleek design and accessories like Bodypoint positioning products.

Quantum Rehab

Q6 Power Chair Series
- Q6 Power Chairs deliver rehab capability, powerful motors and maneuverability.
- Versatile and adjustable to grow with kids and meet changing needs.
- Compatible with TRU-Balance Power Positioning, including the Pediatric Tilt and Q-Logic.


Invacare Pediatric Bear Nebulizer System
- Cute, kid-friendly bear design with convenient nebulizer parking post.
- Packaged with reusable nebulizer and pediatric mask; includes built-in carrying handle.
- Durable, with a five-year limited warranty.

Drive Medical

Checker Nebulizer
- Powerful, dependable, piston-powered pump.
- Comes complete with ampule, mouth piece, pediatric aerosol mask, tubing and two replacement filters.
- Available in either pink or yellow.

Clarke Health Care Products

TOM Strollers
- Available in four sizes with adjustability for the growing child.
- Many accessories for positioning, comfort, safety and caregiver ease.
- Seat system reclines, tilts and reverses on the chassis.

Columbia Medical

Omni Bath/Shower/Commode Transfer System
- Multi-functional transfer system for use as a bath slider, roll-in shower chair, bedside commode, or over-the-toilet commode.
- Easy latch makes docking to the transfer base a snap.
- Options include: head and lateral supports, positioning belts, anterior support trays, detachable armrests and footrests.

Drive Medical

Nimbo Lightweight Posterior Posture Walker
- Soft rubber wheels adhere to any surface and will not allow Nimbo to slide backward.
- Locking mechanism easily switches front wheels from swivel to non-swivel.
- Folds easily for convenient transport.