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- Ergonomic shower transfer system.
- Eliminates slip hazards; maintains patient privacy.
- Allows patient to toilet and shower in one easy trip, using only one transfer.


Security Pole
- Floor-to-ceiling pole with pivoting curve grab bar that locks in place.
- Fits ceiling heights of 7 to 9 feet.
- No need for wall mounts.

Eagle Health Supplies

4-in-1 Commode Elevated Toilet Seat
- Bedside commode, raised toilet seat, safety frame and shower chair all in one.
- Interchangeable bucket and splash guard.
- Heat sealed padded seat resists moisture penetration.

Clarke HealthCare Products

Aquatec OceanEVIP
The OceanEVIP shower chair is an electronically-adjustable shower chair. The OceanEVIP elevates the client, eliminating a caretaker’s back strain. Built on a stainless steel frame, OceanEVIP and its components can be cleaned in hospital sterilizers. Features include padded chest belt, adjustable head support and footrests.
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Impulse Elite
- 6:1 oxygen conservation rate; five-year unit warranty.
- Two pulse modes of delivery in 12 settings for patient titration.
- In A mode, ambulation time is maximized; in B mode, oxygen delivery is maximized.

Justin Blair & Company

NightCare Foot Products
Justin Blair & Company’s NightCare Foot Products include spa quality items formulated to improve the look and feel of the user’s feet. The product line includes a moisturizing gel heel sock and three creams that renew and protect. NightCare Foot Products are available with either a retail display or all-inclusive shelf merchandiser.

Quantum Rehab

Q6000Z with WC19 Transit Securement Package
The Q6000Z is crash tested to compliance with ANSI/RESNA WC19 standards. The optional Securement Package includes front and rear securement points and anchor points for integrated pelvis belts intended for occupied restraint in a vehicle. All are clearly labeled for easy identification. An instruction card is also attached to the unit to inform users, caregivers and transit personnel how to properly follow protocols when transporting a wheelchair.

Second Step

Inline Gait Harness System
Second Step’s Inline Gait Harness System is a functional training system that allows individuals to perform standing or walking activities in a safe and effective environment. The system features dedicated rear casters and is intended for people who are challenged because of side-to-side movements while they are trying to walk straightforward. The Inline Gait Harness System allows caregivers to assist their patients with land-based walking activities.

Superior Oxygen Systems

Life Choice
Superior Oxygen Systems’ Life Choice is a lightweight portable/stationary concentrator. The Life Choice delivers pulse doses equivalent to 1, 2 and 3 lpm and is equipped with sleep mode technology that adjusts the pulse trigger sensitivity for effective results while the user sleeps. The internal battery provides two and a half hours of use at a setting of 2 and can be increased to a total of six hours with the additional battery pack. The Life Choice weighs under five pounds and is virtually maintenance free.


Core-Spun Gradient Compression Socks
Therafirm’s Core-Spun Gradient Compression Socks look and feel like a soft, comfortable everyday sock, but with the added benefit of medically correct gradient compression. The stretchy yarn makes the sock easier to put on and the added thickness makes the sock more comfortable for all day, active wear. Moisture wicking fibers and the use of Micro-Cool create a wicking effect so moisture evaporates from the skin quickly. Available in 10-15mmHg, 15-20mmHg, 20-30mmHg and 30-40mmHg compression levels.