O&P and soft goods

O&P resurgence
Help from the House: Because coverage rates have been so low for so long, the O&P category has been relegated to being a fringe specialty for HME providers. But H.R. 2575, known as the Prosthetic and Custom Orthotic Parity Act of 2009, aims to raise payments for custom O&P products on a par with other medical equipment. If made law, manufacturers say it should elevate the category’s profile.
Stocking stuffer
- Selling compression: Depending on the state, HME providers that carry compression hosiery should see a revenue mix of cash and reimbursement. Vendors emphasize that these garments are not merely stockings, but therapeutic apparel with clinical benefits; they should be marketed that way.
Federal case
- Promoting leg health: Both the U.S. Surgeon General and CMS recently announced initiatives to raise the public awareness of the seriousness of deep-vein thrombosis and pulmonary embolisms, which contribute to some 100,000 deaths each year. Industry officials hope the publicity will raise demand for compression hosiery products.