Kickbacks, Inducements, False Claims and Other Fraud Landmines to Avoid

Tue, 06/25/2019 - 2:30pm
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Presented by Jeffrey Baird, Esq. &
Markus Cicka, Esq. of Brown & Fortunato
The DME supplier lives in the proverbial “glass house.” If the supplier does something that it should not be doing, then someone knows about it. That “someone” can be an employee, a competitor, a third-party payor, or a governmental agency. The DME supplier must strive to be “pristine” in all that it does. Unfortunately, the many federal and state anti-fraud laws read like The DaVinci Code ... in Latin.

This program will discuss the key federal anti-fraud laws that can trip up a DME supplier, including

- the anti-kickback statute,
- the Stark physician self-referral statute,
- the beneficiary inducement statute,
- the general health care fraud statute, and
- the False Claims Act.

The program will also give examples of state anti-fraud laws that are similar to the federal laws. The program will discuss activities that can cause problems for the supplier. Equally as important, the program will discuss practical steps that the DME supplier can take to avoid fraud landmines.

Price: Member $99.00  |  Non-Member $129.00

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