Is work keeping you up at night?


A new survey from Philips Electronics reveals that managers are sleeping 19% less than the recommended 8 hours of sleep per night.
According to the survey:
* Americans are more likely than other nationalities to lose sleep through stress at work with 30% citing it as the reason they wake up during the night.
* The average amount of time it takes Americans to fall asleep is nearly 26 minutes—longer than any other country surveyed—and American men lead the world in snoring with 29% snoring every single night.
* 70% said that their work suffered because of lack of sleep
* The number one symptom of this lack of sleep was less patience, followed
closely behind by less enthusiasm and concentration.
The survey also found that 60% of respondents are aware of OSA as a curable illness, but only 35% said it was a problem for them and 65% said it was a minor inconvenience.