Thanksgiving challenge


To come up with enough grist for the mill for the HME Newswire in two and a half days on account of the Thanksgiving holiday has been a bit of a challenge, so Managing Editor Theresa, Associate Editor Tracy and I thought we might have to get crafty.

We started putting together a file of stories from this year that we thought spoke to what’s good about the HME industry, it being the eve of Thanksgiving and all. We set out to find two stories apiece.

Here’s what Theresa threw in:

SBA honors Alpine founder

AvaCare Medical recognizes, rewards military

Apria weathers historic flood

Here’s what Tracy threw in:

ATP at Trucare customizes ultimate wheelchair for boy with CP

CRT advocate helps community 'humbly catch up'

When I started reviewing this year’s issues, looking for stories that fit the bill, I found more than I thought I would. Naturally, there are the regular doom-and-gloom Medicare competitive bidding updates (ugh), but I also found a great mix of stories that represent hope—in purpose and in business—in the HME industry.

How about Google and apple both giving a nod to the mobility industry this year?

How about AAHomecare and VGM coordinating their advocacy efforts?

What about Medical Necessities buying a closed YMCA and making it a corporate office, providing built-in health and wellness benefits for the company’s employees and its community?

What about a demo (recently expanded) that allows providers to speak with a reconsideration professional by phone to try and resolve their denials?

I could go on, actually.

On twitter this week, providers were also in the Thanksgiving frame of mind. Monroe Wheelchair posted this pic of CEO Doug Westerdahl handing out pies to employees to thank them for their work.

“It doesn’t get any more warm and fuzzy than handing someone a pie,” he told me.

Yes, Doug, there’s always pie!

We didn’t end up needing a Thanksgiving tribute for the Newswire (news broke about Arriva Medical on Tuesday that helped us fill out the lineup), but it was a good exercise, anyway.

We challenge you to do the same.